The Increased Demand For Bungalows | What Are The Reasons?

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There are so many different types of residential properties here in the UK and no matter what your individual needs may be, you won’t struggle to find a new home for your family. Over the years, some residential properties have been more popular than others and whilst properties like detached houses and flats are frequently sought-after, there is one type of property that is in increased demand these days; bungalows. Bungalows are single-storey properties, most of which are detached, and they have a number of unique advantages, including; 

Accessible for everyone

Due to the fact there aren’t any stairs in a bungalow, this type of property is a brilliant option for anyone with mobility problems. Often, bungalows have an open-plan layout too, making them easier to navigate than other properties on the market. Whether you use a walking stick or a wheelchair, for example, having all rooms on one floor can prevent problems with accessibility and you can continue to live independently without the need for lots of home adaptations. Bungalows tend to be very popular amongst retirees who are keen to move out of two and three-storey homes. 

However, bungalows are perfect for families with young children too and having a single-story property will be both convenient and much safer. This type of property is a family-friendly choice and bungalows really are well-suited to a wide range of needs and lifestyles. 

Low maintenance 

When purchasing a bungalow, you won’t have to compromise on style to get convenience either and they can be just as contemporary in design as other residential properties. As mentioned above, open-plan layouts are very common in this type of property and open-plan living is on-trend at the moment. It’s much easier to keep a bungalow looking its best as well, both on the inside and the outside, and they are a very low maintenance alternative to two and three-storey houses. 

Not only is it easier to keep a bungalow tidy and clean, but maintenance will also be more affordable too. You won’t have to spend as much money on window cleaning or render cleaning, for example, and you may even find that your energy bills are lower when you only have one storey to heat. Generally speaking, your living costs will be reduced in a bungalow. 

Potential to add value 

You can almost guarantee that you will make a profit when you sell a bungalow and it is really easy to add value to this type of property. In addition to renovating the interior or building an extension, you also have the option to convert the loft or even add an entire second floor to a bungalow, if planning permission allows. There is a wide range of possibilities to explore when you’re trying to make a bungalow more desirable to prospective buyers.

This type of property can sometimes be smaller than other residential properties, so having the opportunity to expand will help you to diversify your target buyer. You will be able to advertise your bungalow as both a retirement home and a family home when you carry out the right improvements, and an estate agent can provide you with more advice in this regard. 

Less common than other properties 

When compared to other types of properties, there are much fewer bungalows on the property market and they can be quite hard to come by. This in itself makes them more desirable and because there are so many advantages associated with their unique design, they tend to sell very quickly as soon as they’re put on the market. Bungalows are frequently purchased by developers too and they provide a brilliant investment opportunity.

It isn’t uncommon for bungalows to be situated on large plots of land as well and often, you will get a nice garden when you purchase this type of property. Spacious homes with large gardens are quite hard to come by these days, so bungalows are considered to be a rarity. 

Looking for bungalows for sale in Sawbridgeworth?

It is easy to see why there is an increased demand for bungalows nowadays and it is no surprise that they’re such a popular type of property. If you’re really keen to purchase a bungalow and you’re looking for bungalows for sale in Sawbridgeworth, don’t hesitate to contact the Wright & Co team. We are delighted to offer a brilliant range of properties within the villages along the Hertfordshire and Essex border, and we will be happy to help you find your new home. Since being founded back in 1981, we have been providing exceptional services to our customers and we can assure you that you will be in the best hands with our estate agents. 


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