The Advantages Of Renting A House 

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Owning a home is something that lots of people dream of, however, it isn’t always feasible and sometimes, renting a house is a much better option to consider. Although there are lots of benefits to buying the property you live in, renting comes with its advantages and there are numerous reasons why renting might be the best solution for you at this moment in time. If you’ve never really considered renting and your heart has always been set on buying a home, here are some benefits of renting a house that are worth taking into consideration. 

You won’t need to save for a big deposit 

Although you will be required to pay a deposit when you rent a house, this will be significantly less than the deposit you would need to put down when buying a property. Often, a deposit will only be one month’s rent, whereas a deposit to buy a house is usually at least 10% of the purchase price. Most people find saving for a rental deposit much easier and more realistic, and you can move into a new house much quicker when you don’t have to spend months or even years saving for a deposit. 

You don’t have the stress of applying for a mortgage 

Commonly, landlords will want to carry out a few financial checks before renting a house to you, however, these will be quick and easy for them to do. When you buy a house, you will need to apply for a mortgage and even with the assistance of a mortgage adviser, this can be a lengthy and tedious process. You won’t have any of the hassles of finding a competitive mortgage that is affordable for the term you’re interested in when you rent a house. 

You may have access to nicer properties 

More often than not, when renting a house, people will have a greater selection of properties to choose from. Not only can they look at bigger properties, but they can also look at nicer areas as well. Seeing as you won’t have to be able to afford a huge deposit and an expensive monthly mortgage, you will have lots of exciting options to explore. Your rental property could even end up being your dream home that you never thought you’d be able to afford to live in. 

You won’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance

When you live in a rented house, your landlord will take care of all ongoing maintenance and it will be their responsibility to ensure the property you live in is up to any required standards. So, you won’t have the stress of having to make home improvements and you won’t have to pay for them either. Not to mention, if something was to go wrong in the property or an appliance was to stop working, for example, your landlord will take care of this for you. 

You will have increased flexibility

Due to the fact that you can rent a property for a couple of months or a couple of years, depending on the type of tenancy agreement you sign, you will have increased flexibility when renting. You will easily be able to upsize or downsize if you’d like to at the end of your tenancy, and you can ensure the property you live in is always perfect for your individual needs. It is much easier to move from one rental property to another and you won’t have the fees associated with buying and selling a home to worry about. 

Finding houses to rent in Takeley

When searching for a reliable estate agent that can help you find houses to rent in Takeley, or the surrounding villages, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Wright & Co team today. We pride ourselves on our outstanding service and we build long-lasting relationships with customers who are renting properties in the local area. No matter what you may be looking for in a property, we will do all we can to help you find the perfect house to rent in Takeley. As independent agents, we always act in the best interests of our customers and you can rely on us to make renting a new property as stress-free as possible. 


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