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Bought a home with a spare room and not sure what to do with it? Or maybe it’s a room that you know will turn into something at a later date, like a baby’s room, but you’re looking to temporarily make use of it now.

It’s time to stop throwing bits and bobs into it, cluttering the space. Make use of it and turn it into a functional room, a space you would like to spend your time.

The first step is to evaluate the room, how much space is there? This will determine what you can use your spare room for. With lots of people spending more time at home and appreciating their space, it’s time to get on with the DIY.

Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

  • Home office

Working from home has been a big change for many, with companies implementing it going forward even after lockdown you want to create the perfect home office. Perhaps finding a good quality desk or standing desk with a comfy office chair and minimalistic decorations is your kind of office. Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to personalise it, making it your perfect workspace.

  • Guest bedroom

A classic idea, but usually needed. With restrictions easing and the sign of normality coming back you’re probably planning to visit friends or family and vice versa, with maybe some coming from afar to stay.

  • Dressing room

Did you go a bit overboard with online shopping while at home? Turn the spare room into somewhere you can store your new items or get ready in the morning without disturbing anyone.

  • Home library

Transform the room into a space for peace and tranquillity, surround yourself or lose yourself in a book and have a peaceful place to read.

  • Workout space

Did you find when the gyms were closed you did your own at-home exercises? Get motivated and create the perfect at-home gym for yourself. You can find all sorts of gym equipment online, from exercise bikes to kettlebells, it’s easy to replicate at home.

  • Arts and crafts area

Have a new crafty hobby? Need space to entertain the kids when doing arts and crafts? Then it’s perfect to have a room where all of it is organised and stored, easily accessible.

  • Movie room

For your movie nights in, create a cinema-like space to cosy up and enjoy a film or two. If you have one plain wall, you can use a home cinema projector to show your films, there are all sorts available on the market including full HD resolution.

Having a spare room is great but agreeing on what it should become is probably another story. We hope we’ve managed to inspire you with some of our ideas of how you can transform that extra space into something practical.

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