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Top Tips For A Stress-Free House Move

Property   |   August 25, 2023   |   Wright & Co Estate Agents


Moving house is very exciting and there is so much to look forward to when you start the search for your dream home. However, selling your house and buying a new one can also be very stressful, and this big life-changing event can be overwhelming. Lots of homeowners agree that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do and the mixture of emotions you feel during the process can make things much more difficult too. 

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to minimise stress during a house sale and purchase, and make the whole process of moving home as hassle-free as possible. To help any homeowners contemplating selling in the near future, below are some top tips from our experienced estate agents to help you along the way. 

Work with the right estate agent

The estate agent you choose to assist you with your house sale and purchase will have a big impact on how stressful the moving process is. The best estate agents will hold your hand throughout the entire process and make sure you have all of the important information you need. They will also provide expert advice and guidance, and they can help to prevent you from making mistakes during your move. 

Instead of simply enlisting the help of the estate agent that charges the least commission, it’s beneficial to do some research into the estate agents in your local area. This way, you can ensure you’re choosing the right team to support you with your house sale and purchase, and you can reduce the chances of things going wrong during the process. 

Find out more about a buyer before accepting their offer 

Understandably, it can be tempting to accept the first offer you get from a buyer, especially if you’re keen to sell your house quickly. However, the first buyer won’t necessarily be the best for you and choosing the wrong buyer can cause a whole host of problems in the future. Always ask some questions before accepting an offer, such as; is the buyer also selling a property and do they have a mortgage agreement in principle? 

Manage your expectations from the outset

It’s important to remember that selling a house can take a long time and you might not get much interest when you first put your home on the market. This is very normal and it isn’t uncommon for house moves to take longer than people assume. Speak to your estate agent about realistic timescales to manage your expectations and learn more about the different milestones of the selling and buying processes, so you can ensure you’re on the right track. 

Try to be as prepared as possible

Being organised really is key to a stress-free move and you shouldn’t leave everything to your estate agent. There’s a lot you can do yourself to make the process of moving home more straightforward, such as preparing your property for viewings and finding all important documents the solicitor is likely to need. Being prepared can speed things up and help you to overcome any problems you face throughout the process. 

Set your asking price in line with the current market

The property market is continually changing and so are house prices. To prevent you from overpricing your home and putting off prospective buyers, it’s essential to watch the local property market keenly and choose the right asking price. Getting a reliable and realistic valuation from an estate agent that is backed by thorough research can help to ensure your asking price is suitable for the current market, so you get lots of interest.  

Contacting an estate agent in Sawbridgeworth

Hopefully, the information above will be useful if you want to move home and it can help to prevent the process from being very stressful. Should you be searching for an estate agent in Sawbridgeworth who can assist you with the selling and buying processes, be sure to contact us at Wright & Co. today. We have been offering properties within the villages along the Hertfordshire and Essex border for over four decades now, and we will be happy to help you. 

Our expert team has unrivalled knowledge of Sawbridgeworth and the surrounding areas, and the advice we give is second to none. Providing outstanding customer service is incredibly important to us too and we pride ourselves on being easily accessible and readily available to assist homeowners. To find out more about how we can support you with your house move, explore the rest of our website today. 


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