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The Digital Age of the Property Industry; Making the Most of Online Listings

Property   |   October 8, 2023   |   Wright & Co Estate Agents


In today’s digital world, rapid advancements in technology have revolutionised several different industries and the property industry is no exception. There are so many ways that estate agents are using technology to their advantage and to increase customer satisfaction for buyers and sellers alike. 

One huge way that technology has changed the way people buy and sell homes is through online property portals. These portals now play a pivotal role in the buying and selling processes, and they have transformed how properties are marketed. Below we have delved into how the property industry has changed and how you can maximise the potential of your online listings on property portals. 

A Noticeable Shift in Property Search

Gone are the days when prospective buyers would rely on Sunday newspapers for property listings or drive around the local area searching for ‘For Sale’ signs. Today, the vast majority of property searches start online and buyers will turn to websites or mobile apps to find properties that meet all of their needs. With filter functions, buyers can easily refine their search based on things like number of bedrooms, location, price and property type, providing them with tailored results in seconds. Finding a new home for you and your family has never been easier. 

The Benefits of Online Listings

When you’re selling a home, there are several benefits to using an estate agent that advertises on all major property portals. Listing your home on popular websites that buyers are looking at can have a direct impact on how quickly you sell. Some reasons why you should always use online listings include; 

  • Reach and Accessibility – Property portals remove geographical barriers. Whether a prospective buyer is relocating from another city or even investing from overseas, online listings make it possible for them to find a property to purchase. When you advertise online, your home can be seen by everyone regardless of where they’re located and you can attract a much wider audience. 
  • Visual Content – High-resolution photos, floor plans, 360-degree virtual tours and video walkthroughs offer potential buyers an immersive experience without leaving their homes. Buyers can get a good feel for what your home is like without booking a viewing and you’re more likely to get interest from serious buyers. 
  • Up-to-date Information – Modern property portals often have real-time updates, ensuring that potential buyers get the most current information. If you decide to drop the asking price, for example, you can easily adjust this on the online listing and it could increase the amount of enquiries you get. 

How to Maximise Online Listings

There are a few things you can do as a seller to make your online listing more attractive to prospective buyers and ensure you’re making the most of the property portal. Your estate agent should help you optimise your listing and take care of the process of advertising online for you. Here are some useful tips;

  • Quality Over Quantity – It’s essential to use high-quality photos. A professional photographer should capture your home in the best possible light, showcasing all of the desirable features. 
  • Detailed Descriptions – While pictures can speak a thousand words, a detailed description of your property helps potential buyers understand the features and benefits. Make sure the local area is mentioned in this description too as property location is key to many buyers. 
  • Floor Plans – To help buyers get a better feel for your property, it’s useful to provide floor plans. This will help them to understand the flow of your home and decide whether it could work for them. 
  • Responsive Communication – Ensure your estate agent is prompt in responding to any inquiries that come through the property portals. Ideally, they should contact interested buyers straight away, answering any of their questions and arranging viewings for those who are seriously interested. 

Looking for Estate Agents near Old Harlow?

The digital transformation of the property industry creates a more streamlined and efficient approach to the buying and selling processes. As technology continues to advance, there will be even more innovations that further enhance the property buying and selling experience. Embracing online property portals can make moving home much less stressful and speed up the process for everyone involved. 

Here at Wright & Co, we understand how important online listings are for our clients. When you’re searching for a local estate agent near Old Harlow, you can turn to us in confidence knowing we will ensure your property is getting the exposure it needs. From our office in Sawbridgeworth, we advertise properties throughout Hertfordshire and Essex, and we ensure that you are getting the best marketing. Explore our website today to find out more about the selling process when you use our professional estate agency. 


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