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Everything you Need to Know When Selling your Home

Sale   |   May 28, 2024   |   Wright & Co Estate Agents


Selling your home can bring about a mix of emotions; from excitement about new beginnings to the sentiments for the memories you have made. There may well be nerves about the unknown; coupled with the anticipation and excitement for what lies ahead. Yes there is a lot of paperwork; documents and numerous forms to complete; but among all of this; there is a sense of pride in presenting your home to potential buyers. 

You have worked hard to already buy a property; get on the property ladder and turn it into your home and this is something you should be proud of. There is also the hope, excitement and anticipation for the future and the prospect of creating new memories and a new home elsewhere. Selling your home is a personal journey, marked by a number of emotions and we are here to walk you through that journey and be with you every step of the way. 

At Wright & Co; our sales process has been created and is designed for efficiency. We are confident in our ability to provide you with only the best customer service, and we strive to secure the best price for your home within the optimal time frame. We are committed to delivering a seamless and efficient experience that meets your needs and requirements and ensuring that you are satisfied with every stage of the process. Your trust is our priority, and we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations with our knowledgeable guidance and support throughout the process. 

Within this post we explain all about the selling process and why Wright & Co are your ideal partner. Five simple steps are all it takes to sell your home. We know selling your home can be a daunting prospect and that is why we have broken them down into easy to follow and digestible steps; making it a seamless and efficient process for you to go through. 


We prioritise accuracy over speed when it comes to valuing your property. We believe in undergoing thorough research and drawing on our extensive experience to provide you with a valuation that is not only realistic but also reliable. We take our time to delve into the detail of your property; what makes it stand out; any interesting facts or areas to your home that are unique to ensure that you receive a valuation that is in line with your expectations but also that reflects the true value of your property. 

Meet your Sales Expert

We want to make this process as smooth for you as possible so upon stepping through our entrance or making that phone call to us; you will be immediately paired with one of our experienced partners who are extremely knowledgeable in the process; what is involved and everything that we need to do; together to sell your property. They will be your sole point of contact and guide you throughout the entirety of your sales journey.

Listing your Property

Writing a detailed and well-crafted description for your property is paramount to the sale of your home; alongside a comprehensive; true to scale floor plan and high-quality photographs. We therefore guarantee a listing that will shine and showcase your property to its fullest potential and will prioritise your property gaining exposure across all leading platforms to ensure maximum visibility. Creating an enticing property listing involves creating a compelling narrative that highlights the unique features and selling points of your home, ensuring potential buyers are sold from the moment they view your listing.

The Negotiation

We want and need to understand your objectives and your reasons to and requirements of the sale, with your dedicated point of contact at Wright & Co we work with you throughout the entire sales journey to make sure that these are met and remain our priority. We have a committed and experienced sales team who are renowned for their knowledge, experience, and determination, who will keep your objectives, reasons, and goals at the forefront of their minds ensuring that we secure the best possible price for your property. 

Exchange Contracts and Finalise

Finding your buyer is an exciting part of the process; so, when we do, and you agree to the sale; we will begin the process to write up and exchange contracts. Once the contracts are exchanged, we’ll work diligently to finalise any remaining details and prepare for a smooth transition to the new ownership. Our team will guide you through the contract preparation process, ensuring all terms are clearly outlined and understood by both parties. From coordinating with solicitors to arranging necessary viewings, we’ll handle the logistics to ensure a seamless closing process for you.

Reach out to Us Today for More Information

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we’re eager to learn about your specific selling needs and to guide you through our proven process for selling homes in Sawbridgeworth. Whether you prefer a phone call or an email, we’re here to make the process as seamless as possible for you. You can reach us at 01279 600400 or email us at We look forward to assisting you in achieving a successful sale for your property.


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